The new version MyDVR DE 2.6 for PC
In this version, the problem persists delete old files when recording video, and corrected the errors identified. Recommend users to update the program.

You may download new setup here .
The new version MyDVR 1.2 for iOS
Changes in version 1.2:
  • Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when the camera while recording video.
  • fixed incorrect display of speed measurement units (MPH) in the recorded video.
  • other minor fixes.

The new version MyDVR 1.4.3 for WP7
In the new version you can upload the recorded video on the FTP-server. So, setting the FTP-server in the local network can be uploading video with high speed and without restrictions on the size of the files (connection may be made through Wi-Fi or through a wired connection to a PC and the program Zune).

The new version is available for download at Windows Phone Store .
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