The new version MyDVR 1.2 for iOS
Changes in version 1.2:
  • Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when the camera while recording video.
  • fixed incorrect display of speed measurement units (MPH) in the recorded video.
  • other minor fixes.

The new version MyDVR 1.4.3 for WP7
In the new version you can upload the recorded video on the FTP-server. So, setting the FTP-server in the local network can be uploading video with high speed and without restrictions on the size of the files (connection may be made through Wi-Fi or through a wired connection to a PC and the program Zune).

The new version is available for download at Windows Phone Store .
The new version MyDVR 1.1 for iOS
Changes in version 1.1:
  • added the ability to overlap with the accelerometer (data and chart horizontal / vertical accelerations) (see in Settings>Data>Accelerometer);
  • added the ability to overlap with your personal logo (see Settings>Data>Logo)
  • adds the ability to split video files according to the accelerometer - begin recording to the new file when you stop or start of the movement (see in Settings>Recording>Split on accelerometer);
  • adds the ability to control the parameters of the sound recording (see Settings>Camera>Sound);
  • fixed problem with audio recording;
  • enhancements in processing of video and fixes for discovered mistakes and bugs.

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